Time for More Words

The Extradition Series is about to complete its third year of programming and begin work on our biggest year yet. At this writing, we’ve just completed the first show of what we’re calling the Extradition Recital Series, which will be smaller-scale performances sprinkled between our regular quarterly concerts, showcasing a soloist or small group—sometimes local, sometimes visiting. For 2019, the first of those visiting artists will be New York composer/performer Dan Joseph, who’ll be performing an Extradition recital with an ensemble of local musicians on March 9, performing his own works as well as pieces by Pauline Oliveros, Craig Shapard, and Johnny Chang.

To draw our audience deeper into our creative process, we’ll also be asking our musicians to become guest bloggers on this page, sharing their thoughts as they prepare works for performance. Please take a minute to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss anything.

Lastly—and tell me this isn’t exciting—we’ll soon be offering Extradition Series tote bags as premiums for our ongoing Patreon campaign. Pledge at our various levels and you’ll also have the opportunity to get complimentary tickets to our concerts and recitals. Most importantly, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re supporting one of the best regular outlets for experimental music in Portland.

Matt Hannafin