I Need to Get Better at this Blogging Thing

This poor blog page. It hasn’t been updated in nearly 13 months! That’s no way to run a blog.

So here’s the new idea: Going forward, I pledge to blog about every piece that Extradition is preparing for performance, detailing our creative process in words and pictures.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be adding blogs about the five pieces we’ll be performing at the Extradition Series 2019 Summer Concert, happening Saturday, July 27 at Performance Works NW:

  • Alvin Lucier’s The Sacred Fox (1994)

  • Lo Wie’s Score for 3 Performers (2015)

  • Angharad Davies’ Cofnod Pen Bore (2012)

  • Eva-Maria Houben’s The Crickets of Raspberry Island (2014)

  • Brian Moran & Linda Austin, Insert Silence (2004/2019)

Stay tuned . . .

Matt Hannafin