7:30 PM19:30

Extradition 2019 Fall Concert

The Extradition Series 2019 Fall Concert presents five works that share a connection with the natural world, in one form or another.

> Toshi Ichiyanagi, Music for Electric Metronome (1960): Matt Carlson (piano), Loren Chasse (percussion), Brandon Conway (prepared guitar), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Maxx Katz (flute), Caspar Sonnet (dobro) + metronomes

> Sarah Hughes, Fires and Conifers (2012–13): Loren Chasse (sound), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Branic Howard (bowed & rubbed surfaces), Maxx Katz (flute), Lorna Krier (piano), Caspar Sonnet (dobro)

> Matthias Kaul, After the Rain (2015): Brandon Conway (sound projection), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Branic Howard (guitar), Maxx Katz (flute), Caspar Sonnet (voice)

> Luke Nickel, White Fang Field Recording (2015): Matthew Neil Andrews, Brandon Conway, Annie Gilbert, Matt Hannafin, Juniana Lanning, Stephanie Lavon Trotter (voices)

> Daniel James Wolf, Field & Stream (2011): Francisco Botello, Glenn Sogge, Branic Howard, Lorna Krier, Juniana Lanning (electronics)

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7:00 PM19:00

Extradition 2020 Winter Concert

The Extradition Series 2020 Winter Concert presents four works by composers who have affected the course of experimental music and art for more than half a century, and (save one) are still pushing musical boundaries today.

> Keith Rowe, Pollock #82 (1981/82): Loren Chasse (percussion etc.), Lee Elderton (clarinet), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Branic Howard (electronics, objects), Catherine Lee (oboe), Caspar Sonnet (lap steel dobro), Doug Theriault (guitar/electronics), and others to be announced

> Philip Corner, Small Pieces of a Fluxus Reality (2018): Loren Chasse (percussion etc.), Lee Elderton (reeds), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Caspar Sonnet (pump organ), and other to be announced

> Annea Lockwood, Jitterbug (2007): Sage Fisher (harp, voice, etc.) and others to be announced

> Walter De Maria, Cricket Music (1964): Performers to be announced

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7:00 PM19:00

Extradition Recital Series: Tessa Brinckman

Ashland-based performer/composer Tessa Brinckman brings a new solo work to Portland and joins members of the Extradition Ensemble for a group performance.

> Tessa Brinckman, Box | Grown Men Sing (2019): A 35 minute electro-acoustic meditation on loss, exploring the meta-politics of solitary confinement and climate change, performed by the composer (bass flute, waterphone, recordings of three survivors, fixed audio+ video)

> Eva-Maria Houben, Haiku for Six (2003–2019): An ensemble realization of six of the composer’s solo Haiku scores, performed by Tessa Brinckman (flutes), Loren Chasse (percussion), Lee Elderton (clarinet), Matt Hannafin (percussion), and others to be announced

New Zealand flutist Tessa Brinckman has been described by critics as a “flutist of chameleon-like gifts” and “virtuoso elegance” (Gramophone), an “excellent…flutist” (Willamette Week), and a “highlight of Portland” (New Music Box) who “play(s) her instrument with great beauty and eloquence” (Music Matters New Zealand). She enjoys a versatile career, having worked in many classical music ensembles and concert series in the United States, South Africa, France, and New Zealand. Her orchestral, chamber, and solo music performances include the Oregon Symphony, New Haven International Arts, Festival of New American Music, Britt Festival of Music & Arts, Ashland Independent Film, Oregon Bach, Oregon Shakespeare, Ernest Bloch, Bumbershoot, Oregon Fringe, and Astoria Music Festivals. Performing on flute, piccolo, alto, bass, contrabass, and baroque flutes as well as miscellaneous keyboards, Ms. Brinckman also co-directs the ever-polymathic duo Caballito Negro with percussionist Terry Longshore, and is a member of Collectif Impulsion in France. She has recorded, composed, and performed in major regional theaters across the United States and internationally, as well as for radio, TV, and film. Her co-composition for Tony Award-winning director Mary Zimmerman’s White Snake was nominated for a Joseph Jefferson Award in 2014.

Over the past 15 years Ms. Brinckman has received local and international grants to commission, curate, and perform unique programs that blend technology, tradition, and contemporary geo-political themes. The music is often interwoven with her own visual and narrative work, in concert with diverse, global artists. Recent collaborations/commissions include taonga puoro master Horomona Horo, live electronics composer Nicolas Vérin, theorbist Caroline Delume, microtonalist Pascale Criton, avant-rock composer Randy Woolf, poets Angela Decker and Tricia Snell, electronic composer Jeremy Mayall, composer-scholar Martin Lodge, multi-media composer Nissim Schaul, and koto-player Mitsuki Dazai. Ms. Brinckman’s composition for flute and string trio, Glass Sky (2005), can be found on the critically acclaimed CD Glass Sky, and is featured in the South African documentary Inner Landscapes (Climax Films), centering around outsider artist Helen Martins and her Owl House creation. She has served on the music faculties of various Oregon universities and colleges and now teaches workshops and masterclasses in the USA and abroad. Recent solo projects include performance (“When Flutes Spoke Words”) and teaching residencies (“Building for the (Un)Reliable Narrator”) at Waikato and Canterbury Universities (2017); ongoing recording projects for upcoming CD and video release; and a residency at Centre Pompadour (2018) to compose the piece she’ll be presenting at Extradition: Box | Grown Men Sing (2019).

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7:00 PM19:00

Extradition 2020 Spring Concert

The Extradition Series 2020 Spring Concert presents five works:

> Tom Hamilton, City of Vorticity (2014): Tom Hamilton (electronics) with Loren Chasse (percussion, etc.), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Doug Theriault (guitar, electronics), and others to be announced

> Sam Sfirri, Trio (2011): Catherine Lee (oboe) and others to be announced

> Catherine Lee & Juniana Lanning, Silkworm Project (2019): Catherine Lee (oboe d’amore), Juniana Lanning (electronics)

> Johan Toft, Changeable Spring (1995): Lee Elderton (soprano sax), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Reed Wallsmith (alto sax), and others to be announced

> Joseph Kudirka, Release (2016): Loren Chasse (percussion etc.), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Branic Howard (instruments), and Juniana Lanning (instruments)

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7:00 PM19:00

Extradition 2020 Summer Concert

An intimate summer concert featuring many of our core musicians.

> Morton Feldman, The Possibility of a New Work for Electric Guitar (1966)

> Robert Blatt, Music for Three Cymbals (date?)

> Adam Fong, Goodnight Irene (2011)

> Paul Newland, Locus (2013?)

> Tim Feeney, A Fable (2016)

Performers to be announced

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7:00 PM19:00

Extradition 2020 Fall Concert

Our 2020 Fall Concert features works by five international composers.

> Bin Li, Together, Apart (2018)

> Yuji Takahashi, Gandharva (1994)

> Mehdi Behboudi, The Wind Will Take Us (2013)

> Lauren Redhead, In the Back There Was a Pigeon (date unkown)

> Alexis Porfiriadis, Between the We and the I (2018)

Performers to be announced.

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7:30 PM19:30

Extradition Recital Series: Mark Hannesson

Edmonton-based composer Mark Hannesson, one of only four North American members of the influential Wandelweiser Collective, will join members of the Extradition Ensemble for an evening of his own works.

> Child (2019 – world premiere): Mark Hannesson (trumpet) with Matt Carlson (piano), Branic Howard (guitar), Catherine Lee (oboe), Collin Oldham (cello), and a vocalist to be announced

> Home.Haven.Refuge (2019 – world premiere): Mark Hannesson (trumpet) with Catherine Lee (oboe) and Matt Hannafin (percussion)

> Small Garden (2015): Mark Hannesson (trumpet) with Matt Carlson (piano), Lee Elderton (clarinet), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Branic Howard (guitar), Catherine Lee (oboe), Collin Oldham (cello)

> Like the Shuffling of Feet on Pavement (2017): Matt Carlson (piano), Lee Elderton (clarinet)

> Undeclared (2016): Mark Hannesson (whistling + electronics)

Mark Hannesson (b. 1968) is a composer and sound artist who writes instrumental, electronic, and mixed works. As well, he is an active performer of live electronic music.

Originally from Winnipeg, Canada, he completed a Bachelor degree in music from Brandon University and a Master degree in composition at the University of Alberta. He completed a doctorate (DMA) in composition at the University of British Columbia under the supervision of Keith Hamel.

He is an Associate Professor at the University of Alberta teaching courses in composition, music technology, and experimental improvisation. He is a member of the Wandelweiser Collective and has recorded on Edition Wandelweiser (Germany), the Cyland Audio Archive (Russia), Modisti (Spain), the CEC (Canada), and BEAMS (Canada).

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7:30 PM19:30

Extradition 2019 Summer Concert

The Extradition Series 2019 Summer Concert presents five works exploring memory, transformation, and utterance.

> Linda Austin & Brian Moran, PS122: Insert Silence (2004/2019): Linda Austin (dance & recordings), Brian Moran (recordings)

> Eva-Maria Houben, The Crickets of Raspberry Island (2014): Lee Elderton (clarinet), Matt Hannafin (friction gong), Branic Howard (bowed bell)

> Alvin Lucier, The Sacred Fox (1994): Matt Hannafin (voice & resonant vessels)

> Lo Wie, Score for 3 Performers (2015): Alissa DeRubeis (electronics), Juniana Lanning (electronics), Caspar Sonnet (dobro)

> Angharad Davies, Cofnod Pen Bore (2012): Annie Gilbert (voice), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Branic Howard (percussion), Margaret McNeal (voice), Stephanie Lavon Trotter (voice)

The performance by Linda Austin will be a recreation of a dance performed in 2004 by New York dancer and electronics player Brian Moran, utilizing Moran’s original accompanying audio track merged with new audio by Austin.

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7:30 PM19:30

Extradition 2019 Spring Concert

The Extradition Series 2019 Spring Concert presents five pieces that, in one way or another, present puzzles to be unpacked by their interpreters. The two Danny Clay compositions were written specifically for this concert. The piece by Alexis Porfiriadis will also be receiving its world premiere.

> Raven Chacon, …lahgo adil’i dine doo yeehosinilgii yidaaghi (2004): Matt Carlson (piano), Michael Chergosky (viola), Lee Elderton (clarinet), Sage Fisher (harp), Maxx Katz (flute), Catherine Lee (oboe), and Collin Oldham (cello)

> Danny Clay, Correspondences I (2018): Lee Elderton (clarinet), Branic Howard (guitar/electronics), Catherine Lee (oboe d’amore), Collin Oldham (cello), and Melanie Voytovich (vibraphone, percussion)

> Danny Clay, Correspondences II (2018): Matt Hannafin (percussion)

> Alexis Porfiriadis, Happy Notes, Sad Notes (2012): Loren Chasse (percussion), Brandon Conway (guitar), Sage Fisher (harp), Maxx Katz (flute), and Collin Oldham (cello)

> Glenn Sogge, For Thomas Willis on the Occasion of Music Day (1975): Doug Detrick (trumpet), Lee Elderton (soprano sax), Branic Howard (tabletop guitar/bass), and Jacob Last (piano)

Facebook event page here.

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7:30 PM19:30

Extradition Recital Series: Dan Joseph

New York composer/performer Dan Joseph joins an ensemble of Portland musicians to present four experimental works:

> Dan Joseph, Dulcimer Flight (1998–2019): Dan Joseph (hammer dulcimer, electronics)

> Dan Joseph, Notes & Queries (2015–18): Dan Joseph (hammer dulcimer) with Lee Elderton (clarinet), Maxx Katz (flute), Margaret McNeal (voice), Collin Oldham (cello)

> Craig Shepard, Coney Island, April 15, 2012 (2012): Dan Joseph (hammer dulcimer) with Brandon Conway (guitar), Lee Elderton (soprano sax), Matt Hannafin (triangle), Maxx Katz (flute), Collin Oldham (cello)

> Johnny Chang, Haikus (2012): Dan Joseph (hammer dulcimer) with Matt Hannafin (percussion) and Margaret McNeal (voice)

Facebook event page here.

Dan Joseph is a freelance composer, curator and writer based in New York City. He began his career as a drummer in the vibrant punk scene of his native Washington, DC. During the late 1980s, he was active in the experimental tape music underground, producing ambient-industrial works for independent labels in the U.S. and abroad. He spent the ‘90s in California where he studied at CalArts and Mills College. His principal teachers include Pauline Oliveros, Alvin Curran, and Mel Powell. Equally influential were his studies with Terry Riley during several workshops in California and Colorado.

A New York resident since 2001, Dan’s work has been presented at Merkin Concert Hall (NYC), Diapason Gallery for Sound (NYC), Roulette (NYC), Issue Project Room (NYC), The Kitchen (NYC), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (CA), New Langton Arts (CA), Headlands Center for the Arts (CA), and other venues. He has received commissions from several ensembles and performers, including Gamelan Son of Lion, the sfSoundGroup, baritone Thomas Buckner, and clarinetist Matt Ingalls. Dan has held residencies at Headlands Center for the Arts, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center.

As an artist who embraces the musical multiplicity of our time, Dan works simultaneously in a variety of media and contexts, including instrumental chamber music, free improvisation, and various forms of electronica and sound art. Since the late 1990s, the hammer dulcimer has been the primary vehicle for his music. As a performer he is active with his own chamber ensemble, The Dan Joseph Ensemble, as well as in various improvisational collaborations and as an occasional soloist. He has collaborated with a variety of creative artists including Miya Masaoka, Pamela Z, Loren Dempster, JD Parran, India Cooke, Andrea Williams, William Winant, and Miguel Frasconi and John Ingle.

As curator and presenter, he has organized over 100 concerts as an independent producer and as a member of organizations such as Harvestworks, Mutable Music (producers of the acclaimed Interpretations series), and the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival. He currently produces the monthly music and sound series Musical Ecologies at The Old Stone House in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and is a co-producer of the Music for Contemplation series in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


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7:30 PM19:30

Extradition Series 2019 Winter Concert

Extradition's 2019 Winter Concert will present five compositions that run the gamut from sound sculpture to art song.

> John Cage, Two (1987): Matt Carlson (piano) and John C. Savage (flute)

> Anna Höstman, What Her Friend Said (2009): Gina Adorno (soprano) and Lorna Krier (piano)

> Mark Hannesson, A Moment Is a Window (2017): Brandon Conway (guitar), Lee Elderton (clarinet), Mike Gamble (guitar), Catherine Lee (oboe), John C. Savage (flute), and Jonathan Sielaff (bass clarinet)

> Morgan Evans-Weiler, Constructed Objects (2016): Loren Chasse (percussion), Derek Ecklund (electronics), Lee Elderton (clarinet), Branic Howard (electronics), Juniana Lanning (electronics), Collin Oldham (cello), and Jonathan Sielaff (bass clarinet)

> Matt Hannafin, Variations on a Picture of Snow by Evan Cordes (2016/2018): Matt Carlson (piano), Derek Ecklund (electronics), Branic Howard (electronics), Maxx Katz (flute), Catherine Lee (oboe), and Collin Oldham (cello)

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7:30 PM19:30

Extradition Series 2018 Fall Concert

Extradition's 2018 Fall Concert will present five compositions that take radically different approaches to shaping sound into music.

> Cornelius Cardew, The Tiger’s Mind (Nightpiece) (1967): Brandon Conway (guitar), Lee Elderton (soprano saxophone), Lorna Krier (piano), Catherine Lee (oboe d’amore), John C. Savage (flute), and Shao Way Wu (double bass)

> Jürg Frey, Un Champ de Tendresse Parsemé d’Adieux (4) (2011): Matthew Andrews, Matt Hannafin, Branic Howard, Juniana Lanning, Margaret McNeal, and Melanie Voytovich (dry leaves / pebbles / whistling)

> Ryoko Akama, Tada No (2013–14): Barbara Ford, Gina James, Margaret McNeal, Bonnie Singer, Stephanie Lavon Trotter, and Marion Van Namen (voices)

> Daniel Brandes, Other Echoes Inhabit the Garden (2013): John C. Savage (tenor saxophone) and Claudia F. Savage (recorded poetry)

 > G. Douglas Barrett, A Few Silence (2008): Matthew Andrews, Matt Hannafin, Branic Howard, Juniana Lanning, and Melanie Voytovich (objects)

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7:30 PM19:30

Extradition Recital Series: Music of Small Means – solo & duo percussion

The new Extradition Recital Series launches with a performance of five quiet, intimate solo and duo works for percussion, performed by Loren Chasse and Matt Hannafin:

> Michael Pisaro, A Drum Acted Upon by Friction, Gravity, and Electricity (2011)

> Matthias Kaul, Two Together (2014)

> Mark So, (IDLE.) – 51 THINGS TO DO WITH 2 HANDS. for Eileen Myles (2010)

> Glenn Sogge, Gestures (2017)

> Matt Hannafin, Post Box Music (2018)

Facebook event page here

Doors 7pm, music 7:30pm

Refreshments will be served

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7:30 PM19:30

Extradition Series 2018 Summer Concert

Extradition's Summer Concert will feature five intimate solo, duo, and quartet settings of pieces concerned with the direct influence of environment, poetry, visual art, and materiality on musical creation.

All proceeds from this evening's ticket sales will be donated to a fund established to aid the family of our friend and colleague, bassist Andre St. James, who passed from this earth on May 26.

> Manfred Werder, 2009-4 (2009): Matt Carlson (piano), Brandon Conway (guitar), Evan Spacht (trombone), and Reed Wallsmith (alto sax)

> Kristin Bolstad, Silence Come Closer Wait Expect (2014): Branic Howard (sound)

> James Saunders, Surfaces (2010–11): Loren Chasse and Matt Hannafin (surfaces + objects)

> Matt Carlson, untitled (2018): Catherine Lee (English horn) and Matt Carlson (electronics)

> Matt Hannafin, Honor Roll (2017): Reed Wallsmith (alto sax)

Facebook event page here.

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7:30 PM19:30

Cage/Wolff/Ichiyanagi: Composed Improvisations for Music & Dance

A special concert celebrating the release of Extradition director Matt Hannafin's new recording, John Cage: Four Realizations for Solo Percussion, on Notice Recordings.

> John Cage, Experiences No. 2 (1948): Margaret McNeal (soprano)

> John Cage, Child of Tree (1975): Matt Hannafin (percussion), Emily Jones (dance)

> Christian Wolff, Play (1969): Lee Elderton (soprano saxophone), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Branic Howard (cassette), Evan Lindorff-Ellery (cassette), Takahiro Yamamoto (dance)

> John Cage, Composed Improvisation for One Sided Drums (1990): Matt Hannafin (percussion)

> Toshi Ichiyanagi, The Field (1966): Brandon Conway (guitar), Lee Elderton (clarinet), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Branic Howard (guitar), Emily Jones (dance), Margaret McNeal (voice), Takahiro Yamamoto (dance)

Refreshments will be provided.

Facebook event page here.

This concert is a coproduction of Notice Recordings and the Extradition Series.

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Extradition Series 2018 Spring Concert
7:30 PM19:30

Extradition Series 2018 Spring Concert

The Extradition Series 2018 Spring Concert features five works of extraordinary experimental composition:

> Jurg Frey, Floating Categories (2015): Scored “for reader, listener, player alone, maybe performer(s),” this sparse dreamscape mixes words and phrases, short melodic fragments, and grids of colored dots, challenging performers to translate images and feelings into aural and visual content. The piece will be performed solo by Loren Chasse (sound + light) with pre-recorded melodic fragments by Matt Carlson (piano), Douglas Detrick (trumpet), Matt Hannafin (melodica), and Jacob Mitas (violin).

> Michael Pisaro, Entre-Moments (2005/6): Combining separate pieces for piano, instrumental trio, and group electronics, “Entre-Moments” is concerned with projecting a sparse amount of musical material across long durations. This performance will be the world premiere of the combined piece, performed by Matt Carlson (piano), Lee Elderton (clarinet), Catherine Lee (English horn), Andre St. James (double bass), and Derek Ecklund, Ben Glas, Branic Howard, Juniana Lanning, and Evan Spacht (sine tones).

> Richard Glover, An Imperfect Harmony (2013): A simple, deeply resonant composition exploring microtonal harmonies on the double bass. The piece will be performed by Andre St. James (double-bass).

> Catherine Lamb, Nodes, Various (2009/10): Using a defined frequency set, this open-ended piece asks a group of musicians to explore the tonalities of saw-wave oscillations and their low overtones. The piece will be performed by Matt Carlson, Derek Ecklund, Ben Glas, Branic Howard, Juniana Lanning, and Evan Spacht (electronics).

> Mark So, a tepid atmosphere (bedroom near the sky) (2007): Part of a series of pieces based on the poetry of John Ashbery, "a tepid atmosphere" combines field recordings, electronics, and other instruments to slowly shift the listener’s perspective within what seems like a static sound environment. The piece will be performed by Matthew Andrews (vibraphone), Brandon Conway (guitar), Mike Gamble (guitar), Matt Hannafin (percussion), and Branic Howard (electronics + field recordings).

> Ben Glas, "Self Composure #2 (Memory Sequence)" (2018): Part of our participatory “Extradition Off-Site” series, this new sound meditation by Portland composer/performer Ben Glas is designed to be performed by anyone, musician or non-musician, outside of the concert setting, at the time and place of their choosing. The score is available as a Facebook event within a four-week window around the concert date.

Saturday, April 21
Leaven Community
5431 NE 20th Ave. @ Killingsworth, PDX
Doors 7pm, music 7:30pm

The Extradition Series presents quarterly concerts of 20th- and 21st-century experimental music, exploring purity, space, and a natural unfolding of sound and silence. Extradition is curated and directed by Matt Hannafin and presented by the Creative Music Guild.

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