7:30 PM19:30

Extradition Recital Series: Music of Small Means – solo & duo percussion

The new Extradition Recital Series launches with a performance of five quiet, intimate solo and duo works for percussion, performed by Loren Chasse and Matt Hannafin:

> Michael Pisaro, A Drum Acted Upon by Friction, Gravity, and Electricity (2011)

> Matthias Kaul, Two Together (2014)

> Mark So, 51 Things to Do with Two Hands (2010)

> Glenn Sogge, Gestures (2017)

> Matt Hannafin, Post Box Music (2018)

Facebook event page here

Doors 7pm, music 7:30pm

Refreshments will be served

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7:30 PM19:30

Extradition Series 2018 Fall Concert

Extradition's 2018 Fall Concert will present five compositions that take radically different approaches to shaping sound into music.

> Cornelius Cardew, The Tiger’s Mind (Nightpiece) (1967): Lee Elderton (soprano saxophone), Mike Gamble (guitar), Catherine Lee (oboe), John C. Savage (flute), Shao Way Wu (double bass), and a sixth musician to be announced

> Jurg Frey, Un Champ de Tendresse Parseme d’Adieux (4) (2011): Matthew Andrews, Loren Chasse, Matt Hannafin, Branic Howard, and Juniana Lanning (dry leaves / pebbles / whistling)

> Ryoko Akama, Tada No (2013–14): Barbara Ford, Gina James, Bonnie Singer, Stephanie Lavon Trotter, and Marion Van Namen (voices + objects)

> G. Douglas Barrett, A Few Silence (2008): Matthew Andrews, Loren Chasse, Matt Hannafin, Branic Howard, and Juniana Lanning (objects)

> Daniel Brandes, Other Echoes Inhabit the Garden (2013): John C. Savage (tenor sax) and Claudia F. Savage (recorded poetry)


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7:30 PM19:30

Extradition Series 2018 Summer Concert

Extradition's Summer Concert will feature five intimate solo, duo, and quartet settings of pieces concerned with the direct influence of environment, poetry, visual art, and materiality on musical creation.

All proceeds from this evening's ticket sales will be donated to a fund established to aid the family of our friend and colleague, bassist Andre St. James, who passed from this earth on May 26.

> Manfred Werder, 2009-4 (2009): Matt Carlson (piano), Brandon Conway (guitar), Evan Spacht (trombone), and Reed Wallsmith (alto sax)

> Kristin Bolstad, Silence Come Closer Wait Expect (2014): Branic Howard (sound)

> James Saunders, Surfaces (2010–11): Loren Chasse and Matt Hannafin (surfaces + objects)

> Matt Carlson, untitled (2018): Catherine Lee (English horn) and Matt Carlson (electronics)

> Matt Hannafin, Honor Roll (2017): Reed Wallsmith (alto sax)

Facebook event page here.

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7:30 PM19:30

Cage/Wolff/Ichiyanagi: Composed Improvisations for Music & Dance

A special concert celebrating the release of Extradition director Matt Hannafin's new recording, John Cage: Four Realizations for Solo Percussion, on Notice Recordings.

> John Cage, Experiences No. 2 (1948): Margaret McNeal (soprano)

> John Cage, Child of Tree (1975): Matt Hannafin (percussion), Emily Jones (dance)

> Christian Wolff, Play (1969): Lee Elderton (soprano saxophone), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Branic Howard (cassette), Evan Lindorff-Ellery (cassette), Takahiro Yamamoto (dance)

> John Cage, Composed Improvisation for One Sided Drums (1990): Matt Hannafin (percussion)

> Toshi Ichiyanagi, The Field (1966): Brandon Conway (guitar), Lee Elderton (clarinet), Matt Hannafin (percussion), Branic Howard (guitar), Emily Jones (dance), Margaret McNeal (voice), Takahiro Yamamoto (dance)

Refreshments will be provided.

Facebook event page here.

This concert is a coproduction of Notice Recordings and the Extradition Series.

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Extradition Series 2018 Spring Concert
7:30 PM19:30

Extradition Series 2018 Spring Concert

The Extradition Series 2018 Spring Concert features five works of extraordinary experimental composition:

> Jurg Frey, Floating Categories (2015): Scored “for reader, listener, player alone, maybe performer(s),” this sparse dreamscape mixes words and phrases, short melodic fragments, and grids of colored dots, challenging performers to translate images and feelings into aural and visual content. The piece will be performed solo by Loren Chasse (sound + light) with pre-recorded melodic fragments by Matt Carlson (piano), Douglas Detrick (trumpet), Matt Hannafin (melodica), and Jacob Mitas (violin).

> Michael Pisaro, Entre-Moments (2005/6): Combining separate pieces for piano, instrumental trio, and group electronics, “Entre-Moments” is concerned with projecting a sparse amount of musical material across long durations. This performance will be the world premiere of the combined piece, performed by Matt Carlson (piano), Lee Elderton (clarinet), Catherine Lee (English horn), Andre St. James (double bass), and Derek Ecklund, Ben Glas, Branic Howard, Juniana Lanning, and Evan Spacht (sine tones).

> Richard Glover, An Imperfect Harmony (2013): A simple, deeply resonant composition exploring microtonal harmonies on the double bass. The piece will be performed by Andre St. James (double-bass).

> Catherine Lamb, Nodes, Various (2009/10): Using a defined frequency set, this open-ended piece asks a group of musicians to explore the tonalities of saw-wave oscillations and their low overtones. The piece will be performed by Matt Carlson, Derek Ecklund, Ben Glas, Branic Howard, Juniana Lanning, and Evan Spacht (electronics).

> Mark So, a tepid atmosphere (bedroom near the sky) (2007): Part of a series of pieces based on the poetry of John Ashbery, "a tepid atmosphere" combines field recordings, electronics, and other instruments to slowly shift the listener’s perspective within what seems like a static sound environment. The piece will be performed by Matthew Andrews (vibraphone), Brandon Conway (guitar), Mike Gamble (guitar), Matt Hannafin (percussion), and Branic Howard (electronics + field recordings).

> Ben Glas, "Self Composure #2 (Memory Sequence)" (2018): Part of our participatory “Extradition Off-Site” series, this new sound meditation by Portland composer/performer Ben Glas is designed to be performed by anyone, musician or non-musician, outside of the concert setting, at the time and place of their choosing. The score is available as a Facebook event within a four-week window around the concert date.

Saturday, April 21
Leaven Community
5431 NE 20th Ave. @ Killingsworth, PDX
Doors 7pm, music 7:30pm

The Extradition Series presents quarterly concerts of 20th- and 21st-century experimental music, exploring purity, space, and a natural unfolding of sound and silence. Extradition is curated and directed by Matt Hannafin and presented by the Creative Music Guild.

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