Extradition Off-Site is a series of event scores, sonic meditations, sound walks, and other participatory sound activities offered in conjunction with Extradition's regular quarterly concerts. Designed to be performed by anyone, musician or non-musician, at the time and place of their choosing, these Off-Site activities are a way of drawing our audience more deeply into Extradition’s creative process, becoming interpreters of new experimental music in their own right. We encourage anyone who undertakes one of these pieces to share their experience via recordings, photos, text, etc. Please send links and commentary via our contact page and indicate whether we may post them on this site.

Ben Glas - Self Composure No 2 - LAYOUT FOR FB.jpg

Ben Glas, Self Composure #2 (Memory Sequence)

Presented as a companion to our 2018 Spring Concert, Self Composure #2 (Memory Sequence) (2018) is a new work in which ambient sounds are shaped into music entirely within the performer’s mind. Ben Glas is an interdisciplinary artist and composer based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

You can download a high-res copy of the score here.

Antoine Beuger - Now Is the Moment to Learn Hope (2018) wd.jpg

Antoine Beuger, Now Is the Moment to Learn Hope

Now Is the Moment to Learn Hope was inspired by sociologist and philosopher John Holloway's address at the “Rediscovering the Radical” conference, Liverpool, UK, September 2016. A passage from the talk is quoted on the score’s title page: “Now is the moment to learn hope. Now, when there seems so little ground for hope; Now, when refugees and migrants are drowning in the sea; Now, when racism and fascism are surging in Europe and North America and elsewhere; Now, when even to mention hope seems like a sick joke or an insult to millions and millions of young people who face a life of unemployment, or sometimes worse: employment. Now is the time to learn hope . . . not just to hope that everything will be alright. But to learn hope . . . hope as a way of thinking that opens paths to a different world.”

You can download a high-res copy of the score here and listen to a recording by the Extradition Ensemble here.