If you enjoy the unique contribution Extradition makes to Portland’s musical landscape, please consider becoming a sustaining patron via our crowdfunding campaign at For just a few dollars a month (or more!), you can help us sustain and expand our work: programming ambitious quarterly concerts, launching a new series of intimate recital events, producing guerilla-style recordings of long-form experimental music, and – most importantly – helping compensate our musicians fairly for their dedication and artistry. To show our gratitude, three of our four supporter levels come with complimentary tickets to Extradition performances.

If you prefer, you can also make a one-time donation to the Creative Music Guild via Paypal. Please be sure to add a note that your donation should support Extradition Series programming.



Extradition is always in need of volunteers, both before our concerts (to get the word out) and on the day of (to help with ticket sales, etc.). If you're the volunteering type, please send a message via our contact page.